<img src="http://agentmarketing.com/usr/12/40/25/87/48/1307463756.jpg?t=1495912978"><br>Excellent opportunity in great community and location. Immaculately maintained building. Two floors of office space both with grade level entry. Use all the entire space or rent out one floor for additional income. The Dental office is on one floor. It has reception, waiting and administration area, 4 operatories and a lab. There is room for 4 more operatories on this floor as well. These rooms have sinks and cabinets. Recent upgrades to the building include a new rubber roof, gas furnace with central air conditioner. There is private parking for 15 cars. More parking is available because the building sits on 1/2 acre corner lot. Plenty of room for expansion or even sub-division for additional income. Call today for additional information.<br>